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A network of advisors to top leaders

Eightwell (a Swiss Verein) is an international group of equal, independent advisors providing senior and dedicated support to top leaders. Eightwell commits to help organizations achieve superior performance. It delivers to clients a unique blend of individual skills, backgrounds, personalities and superior qualifications. Each of Eightwell’s members is a separate and independent legal entity operating under its own name.

In every organisation we encounter, we meet people striving to build and sustain an institution that:
  • Has a clear purpose
  • Is inventive, bold and agile
  • Makes well judged efforts
  • Is trustworthy and good at discovery
  • Wins loyalty and inspires leadership at every level
  • And is adaptable and dynamic.
Organisations with these characteristics deliver value – to their owners, their employees and their customers.

But they are rare. There are far more organisations that fall short of these essential characteristics than those in which they are sustained. And yet improvement is possible.

Great organisations are not created overnight, but they can be developed by working on these characteristics each day. It is Eightwell’s purpose to help this happen – to make institutions more sustainable, effective and productive.

We are a network of equals, a group of independent practitioners devoted to strengthening private firms, public bodies and not-for-profits. Each of us, and all of us together, seek to help organisations achieve superior performance by delivering senior and dedicated support.

Could you or your organisation benefit from the expertise of a network of skilled, experienced senior consultants, delivered in a precisely tailored manner?