Who we are
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We begin and end with the client.

You and the unique challenges that you face are the centre of our work.

Agile and diverse

Because we are a network rather than a large firm, we have no ‘products’ or ready-made solutions to peddle. Diversity of thought is at the heart of Eightwell; no single school of practice is dominant.

Eightwell is much more than the sum of its individual practitioners. We know one another well, and we support one another, and deliver superior value for clients, through continuous learning, sharing of best practices and peer coaching. Trust and respect inform every aspect of our collaboration.

Experienced and connected

Our network offers clients a unique choice of skills, backgrounds, personalities, native languages and qualifications from which we can draw to help with the specific challenges that face your organisation.

Each of our members has deep experience, typically through service in an elite professional services firm or leadership in a large corporation. Many of our members have advanced training in the social sciences. Each has specific areas of skill: coaching, consulting for change, strategy and process change initiatives, communication and executive leadership.

An Eightwell team comes together when a member decides that combining the skills of two or more practitioners can offer a powerful, bespoke solution for a client. Other members support the team by offering peer challenge, coaching the team, and sharing experiences and ideas for change.

Our members

  Andreas Oertli – Switzerland ¦ Dorothea Brunner Gloor – Luxemburg ¦ Frank Owen – New Zealand, Austria, France ¦ Isabelle Widmer – Basel ¦ Jonathan Day – Boston ¦ Lars Sonderegger – Zurich ¦ Lorenz Freudenberg – Mannheim ¦ Michal Kazmierski – Poznan and Warsaw ¦ Ronen Koehler – Tel Aviv ¦ Valentine Burzynski – Paris